JGB700SEJSS Review: One of the Most Reliable Oven Models from GE

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This article will explore the GE Oven Model JGB700SEJSS and how it compares to other ovens in its class. We will also explore some of its pros and cons. This oven is the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys cooking  while still creating high-quality dishes.

 How The GE Model JGB700SEJSS Oven Works

The GE Model JGB700SEJSS Oven is a freestanding gas convection range that allows for both stove-top and oven cooking. For stove-top cooking, there is plenty of space to allow for multiple pots and pans at once. The oven uses heat circulation to guarantee even results when baking and broiling. The heavy-cast grates clean safely and easily in the dishwasher allowing for cleanup with less effort and time.

GE Model JGB700SEJSS Oven Features

This product boasts a five-burner gas range and one of the industry’s largest integrated, non-stick central griddle burners that allows for perfect preparation of classics like grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes. The precise simmer burner allows for consistent heat for the preparation of delicate foods and sauces without the fear of burning or uneven cooking. A major benefit of this oven for users is its self-cleaning function. The steam-clean option allows for ease of cleanup without a lengthy or strenuous process.


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Ease Of Use

 The self-clean option makes cleanup easy and quick. You also have increased control over the burners and heat level which decreases the likelihood of burnt or overcooked food. You will also really enjoy the griddle function and the fact it is nonstick as it offers another quick and easy way to cleanup after cooking.


The self-cleaning function, non-stick griddle, dishwasher safe heavy-cast grates, and 18,000 BTU Power Boil burner combined with a powerful circulating convection oven make this product an excellent value. The oven itself is rather large at 5 cubic feet allowing for multiple dishes to be prepared at once, which makes it ideal for large, holiday meals.

Design Quality

Compared to the ease of use and features of the GE Model JGB700SEJSS Oven, the design quality is less positively reported based on user experience. This product suffers from issues with the tempered glass, warped drawers that do not properly align, and faulty door hinges.


The warranty offered for this oven is standard for the industry with 1 year limited parts and labor.


  • Low cost for the value
  • Self-cleaning oven function
  • Large stove top with non-stick griddle


  • Lower design quality
  • Lack of interior oven light

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Final Verdict On The GE Oven Model JGB700SEJSS

It lacks the higher design quality and innovative induction heating elements of more expensive alternatives, it is an incredible value. You still get the self-cleaning feature for easy cleanup, a huge non-stick central griddle burner, and the joy of cooking on gas for those who prefer it. Other advanced features such as the 18,000 BTU Power Boil Burner only add to the product’s value. This really is the ideal product for those who want an efficient and versatile product that performs for the busy holiday season without spending.


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