Induction Stove Tops – How to Choose the Best Model for Your Kitchen

duxtop LD 1800 watt portable as one of the best induction stove tops

When investing in a new stove top, there are many options. If you like foods to cook through to the perfect temperature and consistency, the right stove is a must. Electric and gas stoves have limitations. Induction stove tops are easier to control, regulate temperatures, and ensure the perfect meal each time.

Some stoves heat up quickly, but don’t maintain heat levels throughout meal preparation. Induction stove tops are superior in design, features, and safety.

They remain cool to the touch, are excellent in cooking performance and make your life more comfortable in the kitchen. For those who don’t have much time, or want a seamless cooking experience, you need the right stove.

Comparison Table




NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop

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Ovente Electric Infrared Countertop Burner

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Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop

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Max Burton 6015

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Max Burton Induction stove tops”]

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Empava 36′ Inch Stove

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Empava Induction stove tops”]

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How We Reviewed Induction Stove Tops

We reviewed several induction stove tops to find the best options available in the market. In our review, we considered prices, brand-names, manufacturer specs, and quality of the stoves.

Additionally, we also examined the features, heating elements, and safety features of different models.

We also included consumer reviews and ratings, and prices for different models. These factors help consumers find the best stoves that fit their budget.

Additionally, reviews written by other owners provide first-hand knowledge of how the ovens work. Usually, customer reviews are more honest and realistic than manufacturer labels and marketing information about the product lines.

The Best Induction Stove Tops

When choosing new induction stove tops, it’s important to consider several brands, models, and design options. These are a few of the best products, for all budgets, when choosing new induction stove tops.

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop

[amazon box=”B00DP6BJE2″]

For those looking for a portable, single induction top, look no further.

The cooktop is 12 inches and can fit a large frying pan for preparing meals on it. It includes an anodized frying pan. The model features three wattage selections of 600, 900, and 1500. It also features an eight-inch heating surface for even cooking.

There are 52 temperature setting options owners can set on this cooktop. The temperatures range from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 575 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also six temperature settings to choose from, for quick meal prep functions.

There is a delay, sear, and one-hour timer function owners can set with this cooktop. The stage cooking, with the “resume” function, is also a nice feature for reheating foods. The unit is lightweight, portable, and comes with cooking guides and instructional DVD.

Although the reviewer doesn’t indicate quality concerns, they do note the unit stopped working after some time. This reviewer states that after three months of ownership, the induction stove top stopped working.

So, longevity might be a concern with this model and brand.

Where to buy Nuwave Cooktop:



  • Good quality and the controls are easy to use
  • Some reviews say that they had a hard time claiming the warranty when it stopped working

Ovente Electric Infrared Countertop Burner

[amazon box=”B00TAGD18S”]

The sturdy, ceramic glass top cooker, features temperature control and 1800-watt temperature settings. It has an LED touchscreen, making it easy to control. It is a portable unit, so it is excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

The cooktop is quick and powerful, heating up twice as quickly as a gas or electric top. This cooktop evenly cooks foods, so there are no hot or cold spots when preparing certain dishes.

It is adjustable, with eight variable temperature setting options to select. There are also five program timers owners can set with this cooker.

The extra safe sensor automatically shuts off if no cookware is on the glass top. The ceramic glass is also stain proof and easy to clean.

So, even if spills are frequent in the kitchen, they are easy to wipe up and clean up. The ceramic glass always stays cool to the touch, for additional safety.

One reviewer indicates the right burner was dead on arrival (DOA). This review notes that this is possibly an issue with quality control of this manufacturer brand.

So, consumers who are looking for durability and quality reputation might find some problems with this model.

Where to buy Ovente Electric Infrared Countertop Burner



  • Large Sized Pan holding capacity
  • Doesn’t work with poor quality stainless steel pots and pans

Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop

[amazon box=”B01JCECBPQ”]

The induction technology heats up in a matter of seconds on this model. Induction ready cookware is necessary to operate this top. 

There are dual heat settings, and eight programmable functions to set when cooking on the stove top. The right burner also features five distinct settings.

There is an individual 150-minute timer on the stove top, too. And, on/off switches for each heater afford owners higher levels of control. 

After the owners remove a pan from the top, the heat automatically shuts off in 30 seconds. This feature is great for energy savings, but also to ensure the highest levels of safety.

There are no overheating or pan burning concerns owners have to worry about if they invest in this model by Cuisinart. It’s also exhaust-free, safe, and has bright LED displays. It’s priced well, too. 

Concerns with longevity are something owners indicate with this product.

One owner claims they only had the unit for one year, with light use, before it shut down.

 Where to buy Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop



  • Heat levels remain constant after applying the relevant setting
  • Absence of an extra low setting make it unsuitable for things like sauces and melting chocolate and butter

Max Burton 6015

[amazon box=”B00213L3PU”]

This portable induction stove top features 10 power levels and variable temperatures ranging from 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It heats instantly and detects cookware when it is on the stove top. There is an overheat sensor and auto shut off to prevent danger when preparing meals.

The disc on top of the burner also limits this stove top to use with induction cookware models. 

The stove takes up to 1800 watts and has an LED display, for ease of operation and setting.

It features a heatproof handle to prevent burning or injuring hands when the unit is on. It also has a 180-minute timer and will shut off after this time elapses.

The eight-inch pan cooktop area automatically adjusts for cookware owners place on the burner. 

One reviewer notes there are not many heat settings to select. Although it heats quickly and works well, the unit does not feature many heating settings and cooking settings.

For those who want to prepare multiple dishes at once, this cook top is not the best option.



  • The function key, when selected in the power mode can be used to control the power in 10 different levels
  • One review says that when an iron based utensil is placed on the cooktop, the temperature will be steady according to the desired settings

Empava 36″ Inch Stove

[amazon box=”B0811YLNR9″]

The model features a safety feature that lights up an “H” on the top when it’s too hot. It features nine set cooking modes, and unlike some competitors, it is compatible with stainless steel and cast-iron skillets. 

There is a child safety lock that further enhances safety in the kitchen with this induction stove. A red LED indicator makes it easy to know what settings are on and to adjust when cooking easily.

When owners remove pots and pans from the top, it automatically shuts off for safety. 

This model features up to 2100 watts of energy use. This level is also higher than other models on this list. The unit also features a 90-minute timer to shut off when idle automatically.

Simmer, melt, warm, and performance boost settings are available on this model for preparing and heating foods. Induction technology boils a pot of water in a matter of minutes also. 

One reviewer indicates the right side burners stopped working after a short period of use. After only a few weeks of owning the product, their induction stove tops did not work any longer.

For those who want long-lasting quality, this might be a concern with this induction top model. 



  • This cooktop features two 2100-watt element, a 2100-watt element and two 1500-watt element
  • The only downside to the unit is the fans on the underside are a bit noisy.

What Is an Induction Stove Top?

Induction stovetops are cooktops that use electromagnetic fields to create energy. These fields heat up through a glass cooking top. Instead of the stove heating the dishes, these cooktops turn the pots/pans into the heating elements. The cooktop creates energy to heat the base of the cookware. During cooking, the surface remains cool to the touch while cooking meals. 

By creating magnetism between cookware and the stove, food cooks quickly. The food cooks from using the heat the cookware produces, not heat from the induction stovetops. Because the cookers work so fast, they are also great for reducing energy consumption. And, unlike gas, when owners change the temperature, it instantly modifies with induction stovetops.

Features of Induction Stove Tops

The best induction stove tops have several great features that set them apart from other products. Safety features, compatibility with cookware, and ease of use are some features to consider.

Safety and auto shut off

Many induction stove tops feature a safety or auto shut off feature. If the top remains on for too long, and owners aren’t using the stove, it automatically shuts off. Or, if it is operating at the same temperature for long durations of time, it will shut off automatically. Auto shut off turns off the top to prevent overheating once the owners take cookware off the stove. With the safety shut off, the time the stove remains on before shutting off depends on the heat settings. 

Auto heat up

Induction stove tops also have an auto heat up feature on several models. This feature allows the cooking zone to heat to a higher temperature before turning down to preset levels. The temperature turns down automatically after a particular amount of time elapses. This feature is excellent to bring items up to a certain temperature level quickly before allowing foods to simmer.


This feature is similar to auto heat-up. However, it heats up foods or liquids to the highest temperature settings possible, very quickly. Then, it automatically adjusts to reduce heats to temperature owners select when cooking. For a steady boil or simmering foods and liquids, this is a great feature to look for in stoves.

wPan detection mode

If there’s no pan on the induction stove tops, it doesn’t work. Also, if owners remove the pan from the stove, it will shut off automatically. If appropriate cookware isn’t on the stove, a symbol will turn on, and the stove automatically turns off. 

Each coil on the induction stove tops has sensors to detect the appropriate pan size. This design requires owners to place pans in a central location. Otherwise, it will not heat the pans.

Cooking zone

Cooking zones on induction stove tops determine heat levels, given the size of the pans owners place on coils. Choosing a stove with flex, extra-large, and small cooking zones are the best solution for most homes. These options allow owners to utilize all cooking coils and adequately place cookware on the right size cooking zone. It will heat pans evenly, and ensure the best outcome when preparing meals on the stove..

Controls on Induction Stove Tops

There are several great control options on induction stove tops. Ideally, the controls should be in a logical position and make it easy for owners to operate the stove top.

Power on and off

This button/control is reasonably apparent. It powers on and off the induction stove tops. When choosing a stove, look for one with bright and large power on and off buttons. It’s also a good idea to look for stovetops that have on and off switches for each heating zone. This design makes it easier to operate, and fully control the meals owners prepare on the induction stove tops.


This control is similar to a simmer setting on traditional gas or electric stoves. It will serve to help maintain the temperature of foods after cooking them. If hosting a party, or preparing multiple meals, this is a nice feature. It will keep dishes that are ready warm, while other dishes are cooking on the stove.

Pause cooking

Some induction stove tops feature a pause cooking button. This button temporarily locks the heating settings so that owners can wipe down the stove top. It pauses the heating settings to avoid accidentally pressing the wrong buttons. Every manufacturer has different settings, so compare the different models when choosing induction stove tops.

Our Verdict: The Best Budget and Overall Induction Stove Tops

Everyone knows the best induction stove tops will enhance the cooking experience. It will make foods taste better than other cookers. 

Dishes will taste like you want to, also. When investing in induction stovetops, you’ll quickly learn how expensive some models are. 

For those who are on a budget, the best model is the Ovente Countertop Burner. It is a double burner model. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The unit features preset temperature and cook sensors. The product also features auto shutoff and safety features. The glass top is also easy to care for and clean after use. 

For those who are looking for the best overall model, the top induction stove tops are the Empava models. It is one of the only induction stovetops to have five burners. 

The model can withstand high heat without chipping or cracking, and it is compatible with most stainless steel and cast-iron pans. It isn’t hot to the touch, has several settings, and features nine heat settings. The model is easy to use and operates quickly. It provides owners with more cooking and simmer modes than any other stovetop.


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