Bosch 800 HGI805 Oven: Its About Time to Get Cooking!


Turn up the heat and get out that fryer because it’s about time to get cooking! A high-quality range or oven in your house is an investment well worth its price. While they do not come cheap, the time you spend selecting a good range can lead to well over a decade of good, hearty use. It’s good to take your time to make big decisions like this, and it sure doesn’t hurt to look at what the “best of the best” ovens have to offer. Bosch knows how important a good oven is, and that’s why the Bosch 800 HGI805 oven is one of the best-standardized ranges available for both its price and its features.

Differences Between an Oven, a Range, and a Cooktop

The differences between an oven, a range, and a cooktop lie mostly in these names. The terms range and stove can usually be used interchangeably in conversation, and while their applications may differ slightly, for cooking purposes, there is no huge distinction between the two. Regional differences play into naming terminology for these appliances.



A range, or stove, is a one-piece unit that has both a cooktop and oven incorporated. Ranges are common in most American homes, and a reliable, high-performance unit like the 800 HGI805 from Bosch is very useful to own.


burning fire stove

A slightly different option to consider is a cooktop which is usually built into the kitchen counters/cabinetry and paired with an oven below it or elsewhere in the kitchen. As with a range, electricity, gas, or induction heat can power your cooktop to cook your food. Each of these options has its own benefits and weaknesses, but your choice will probably come down to convenience and cook times, along with your personal design preferences.



Finally, an oven is basically a heated box for cooking and warming food. To use more eloquent and descriptive terms, it’s the enclosed chamber where the yummy good stuff happens. An oven can be anything from a hole in the ground to a brick wall with well-placed coals, but all in all, it is usually used to cover all facets of cooking, and the name is often substituted for the word “range.” An oven has its secure place in every household, but some people like to have an extra oven apart from their range for a different style of cooking, such as an “earth oven.”

What Is the Bosch 800 HGI805?

The Bosch 800 HGI805 is a range/oven designed for your utmost convenience. It is 30 inches wide, with beautiful stainless steel construction. The self-cleaning function works well due to this unit’s slide-in gas stove design. The burners are sealed and easy to wipe down once you move the grids, and once you break down the grid into pieces, it becomes simple to get to the stovetop for cleaning.

In reviewing the Bosch 800 HGI805, we found many advantages in its innovative burner design. This 30-inch, stainless steel, gas slide-in range has a front-mounted, digitally controlled panel for convenient, smooth cooking operation. We loved the quick turns of any knob and the excellent dynamic cooking we were able to do. This unit also has a convection oven for extra-even, beautifully crafted pastry dishes such as cakes and cookies, making it extra fun to use for cooking and baking.

You will almost certainly want to choose professional installation for this masterpiece of a kitchen range, but the benefits will far outweigh that cost. It’s a known Bosch tradition to achieve and deliver superb cooking performance through its’ ovens’ slide-in gas interfaces. You can cook food faster than ever with features like the 18,000 BTU center burner. This slide-in gas range has a slight flare at the top to prevent any mess from food dropped between the stove and cabinets (a mistake our testers make far too often!).

If you have concerns about certain features and the convection oven, perhaps involving noisy fans and overall loud noise, this Bosch oven has you covered. The convection oven fan does not engage until the oven is fully preheated, and when it’s on, you can hardly hear it. Its remarkable technology makes this appliance quiet, convenient, and functional.

Products Specs

There are many things to consider in selecting a great range. The specific type of range or oven is one of the most significant factors because it changes just about everything about how you cook. The Bosch 800 HGI805 is, in essence, a gas stove top with an electric oven, focusing on consistent heat delivery and even cooking of diverse foods.

Home and professional cooks alike will find great value in the Bosch 800 HGI805’s high-powered gas stove top because it heats so uniformly. An open flame surrounds the bottom of your cookware, and this effectively distributes the heat all around that pan.

Range heat is measured in BTU (which stands for British Thermal Units). Power output depends on the design and model of the stove, but the typical range is between 5,000 BTU and 18,000 BTU in output. Gas cooktops sometimes take longer to boil larger pots than electric or induction cooktops, but this is no problem for the Bosch 800 HGI805. Its standard stovetop achieves its whopping 18,000 BTU right off the bat, and then it goes all the way up into the astonishing 53,000 BTU range.

Where to buy Bosch 800 HGI805

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Doesn’t a kitchen full of thoughtful and beautifully crafted tools seem amazing? Wouldn’t you love a beautiful range in this kitchen that is consistent with your other fine cookware and decor? Or is your priority to install a stove that delivers superior performance?

This is what the HGI8054UC oven from Bosch can provide, and its great pricing can make it perfect for your home setting. It’s designed to have the look of a slide-in but still fit into a traditional, freestanding range cutout. That means your kitchen overhaul should not require costly countertop or cabinetry renovations. If you want an outstanding appliance that allows you to cook brilliantly with little to no hassle, while also giving you fun, bonus tools to work with, this just might be the oven for you.


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