GE Jgs750Sefss Review: A Chef’s Range for Amateur Home Cooks

GE Jgs750Sefss slide-in gas range with convection

Who doesn’t love to eat scrumptious meals at high-end restaurants? But what if I said you could make your own restaurant-quality meals, right from the comfort of home? Whether or not this GE Jgs750Sefss review is your first effort to find a feature-rich range, you, too, can cook your own meticulously-plated dishes and edible marvels.

Luxury kitchen appliances worthy of Gordon Ramsay himself have seen a significant decline in price. Nowadays, it’s not actually that hard to find high-end appliances at a great price, and that’s especially true with kitchen ranges.

For those who cook on the regular, a range is arguably the second-most important appliance (after your fridge, of course). However, for many of us, professional ranges with six, eight, or even twelve burners just aren’t in the budget. But they’re not only expensive; the amount of space they need all but necessitates a “gourmet kitchen” that can accommodate commercial appliances. If you’ve got a decent budget and only enough space for a standard-sized range, are there even any options available? As it happens, that’s exactly where mid-tier ranges like the GE Jgs750Sefss come into the picture.

Though not exactly new to the market, the GE Jgs750Sefss is a range that targets amateur cooks who take mealtime a bit more seriously than your average homemaker. Specifically, it offers a commercial-like cooking experience in the traditional range form factor. But in an increasingly competitive market, does the GE Jgs750Sefss offer the best value among mid-tier ranges?

The GE Jgs750Sefss Slide-In Gas Range

Though a GE Jgs750Sefss review should focus on the actual range, it’s important to know what a range is and what a range isn’t. In short, a range is a two-in-one kitchen appliance with an oven accessible from the front and burners for cooking on the top. Though you can certainly buy separate appliances for these two functions, having just one machine saves space and tends to be more cost-effective.

My research for this GE Jgs750Sefss review showed that the Jgs750Sefss is a mid-to-upper-tier range. If the GE Jgs750Sefss was a juicy steak, you could say it’s been broiled to somewhere between medium and medium-well. As such, the Jgs750Sefss targets home cooks who want more than an entry-level range but don’t have space for a commercial unit.

What is a slide-in range?

One of the primary benefits of a slide-in range is that it can offer a more modern, streamlined look. With your average freestanding range, the oven and burner controls are on a panel that extends vertically at the rear of the range, possibly obscuring any tile that might be behind it.

By comparison, slide-in ranges typically feature a lip along the top-right and top-left edges of the range. The lip lays atop your countertops for protection against crumbs and other debris that would otherwise fall into the gap between the range and the adjacent counters.

The slide-in design also puts the burner and oven controls at the front of the unit, making them more accessible. Since you won’t have to reach across the range to access rear controls, you might even find a slide-in range to be the safer of the two form factors. After all, this minimizes the risk of burning yourself when adjusting burner temperatures as they’re in active use.


The GE Jgs750Sefss is a 30-inch stainless steel slide-in gas range with convection, self-cleaning, and five individual burners. Let’s consider what the unique features and characteristics of this range mean for its practical use cases.

Typical of a slide-in range, the oven and burner controls on the Jgs750Sefss are at the front, located on a designated panel just above the oven door. Additionally, GE advertises the fifth burner as a “simmer burner” for sauces and other delicate foods that require low, even heat. Besides the simmer burner, you also get a high-power burner for quick boiling.

Over the burners, the GE Kgs750Sefss features heavy-cast, edge-to-edge cast iron grates. Despite their weight, however, the grates are easy to remove for cleaning. They also allow for smooth maneuvering anytime you need to reposition pots or pans to another burner.


Per the research conducted for this GE Jgs750Sefss review, I can confirm that the unit has either standard or mostly-standard dimensions.

The actual unit width is 30 inches, which is typical of most two-in-one, non-commercial kitchen ranges; however, the slight “lip” along the top-left and top-right edges increase the overall width of the GE Jgs750Sefss to 31 ¼ inches.

Furthermore, the height of the unit is 39 ¼ inches with a depth of 26 ⅞ inches, or 29 ⅜ inches with the oven door handle. The weight of the range is approximately 225 pounds.

At the front of the unit, the GE Jgs750Sefss has a 5.6 cubic foot self-cleaning oven with black gloss enamel interior. The interior oven dimensions are 24 inches wide, 19 ½ inches high, and 20 ⅝ inches deep. According to the manual, the temperature can be as low as 170 degrees and as high as 550 degrees.

Both the oven and its burners are gas-powered with the former also offering convection. In short, convection indicates increased air circulation, allowing for faster and more even cooking.

Special features

In addition to the features described above, There are some other noteworthy attributes while researching this GE Jgs750Sefss review, including the following:

  • Six-level adjustable oven rack
  • Multiple convection and broil modes
  • Customizable end-of-timer tones with volume controls
  • Multi-bake mode with automatic temperature adjustments
  • Sabbath mode with 12-hour auto shut-off
  • Remote start and preheat (connected device required)

Customer reviews

For anyone reading this GE Jgs750Sefss review and considering purchasing the unit, you should know that past buyers have had mostly positive things to say about the GE Jgs750Sefss. Currently, the range is rated 3.9 stars out of five, averaged from 12 reviews on Amazon. On Best Buy, it has an even higher 4.8 stars out of five from 40 reviews. Then on the Home Depot website, the unit has a 4.5-star rating out of five from 368 reviews.

Many reviews of the GE Jgs750Sefss praise the unit for offering modern design with a form factor that isn’t obtrusive even in smaller galley-style kitchens. “This range is beautiful,” said a Best Buy review that gave the range five stars. In an Amazon review, another happy buyer couldn’t “say enough about how [she loves] this slide-in stove,” giving the GE Jgs750Sefss a full five stars.

Another reviewer used the range for the first time when cooking Thanksgiving dinner. In his Best Buy review, the user was “very pleased with the variety of burners and oven capacity.”

However, criticisms are evident in a few GE Jgs750Sefss reviews, many of which cite problems with burner strength. In a three-star Amazon review, one user lamented that the smaller burners weren’t strong enough to boil water. The reviewer cautions prospective buyers by recommending they be sure the burner orientation of the GE Jgs750Sefss is conducive to their cooking habits.


Since its August 2013 debut, the cost of the GE Jgs750Sefss has decreased steadily from its original MSRP of $2,000. In fact, the average price of the range over the past four years on Amazon is a whopping $2,270.

One of the only retailers that still stocks new GE Jgs750Sefss units is online retailer Discount Bandit, regularly offering the range for $1,600 to $1,700. However, if you’re a devout bargain-hunter, a refurbished GE Jgs750Sefss can be found for $900 to $1,000.

Besides Discount Bandit, Sears Outlet is among of the only other consistent sources of the GE Jgs750Sefss outside of buying the unit used on eBay.

GE Jgs750Sefs vs. Competitors

Designed as a mid-tier range, many of the features of the GE Jgs750Sefss simply aren’t available on lower-end models, including those made by the same company. But for this GE Jgs750Sefss review, we wanted to know how the unit would fair against similarly-priced high-end ranges made by competitors.

How we reviewed

Our approach to the comparisons in this GE Jgs750Sefss review was to analyze customer and critical reviews for all units featured. We referenced documentation and manuals provided by the manufacturers to learn about key features.


Like GE, Whirlpool has long been a staple in household appliances. For this reason, it seemed appropriate to compare the GE range to a Whirlpool range. In particular, I looked at the Whirlpool WEG745H0FS. Though only the market for a couple of years, the Whirlpool WEG745H0FS has many of the same features as the GE Jgs750Sefss. Additionally, both the Whirlpool and GE models have similar costs.

Core features

Per the specifications provided by Whirlpool, the burners of the WEG745H0FS can reach 18,000 BTUs, which is marginally higher than the 17,000 BTUs of the GE unit. What’s more, the fifth burner is in the center of the four main burners, which is the same orientation as the GE range. However, the fifth burner on the Whirlpool unit is oblong, making it useful for use with any elongated cookware.

Regarding oven size, the Whirlpool WEG745H0FS offers 5.8 cu. ft. of space for baking. That makes it only slightly more spacious than the 5.6 cubic feet of space on the GE unit.

The design and overall form factor of each range are similar with a notable distinction. The depth of the GE unit is 26 ⅞ inches, but the same measurement on the Whirlpool unit is 28 ⅞, not accounting for the oven handles. As a result, while the height and width of the units are nearly the same, the Whirlpool unit is two inches deeper.

Special features

Though both the Whirlpool and GE models share many base features, the Whirlpool is technically a newer unit, meaning it offers more advanced “software-based” features. For example, the Whirlpool unit has “Frozen Bake” mode, allowing you to begin baking frozen foods — e.g., frozen pizzas, frozen lasagna, etc. — without needing to preheat the oven first.

Additionally, the Whirlpool features more advanced self-cleaning technology. Just add a bit of water for the oven to steam-clean itself. Obviously, this type of self-cleaning is much more effective than the heat-only self-cleaning option on the GE Jgs750Sefss.


The WEG745H0FS is currently available for MSRP $1,849.00 directly from Whirlpool via the company’s own website.

As you can see, there are many similarities between the Whirlpool and GE units. For this reason, a comparison is more about the subtle differences between the two, particularly when it comes to software features that might give the Whirlpool better overall value. The one caveat would be the price; if you’re someone who avoids refurbished and open-box units, the GE model might offer better bang for your buck.


Though most known for smartphones and televisions, Samsung has been making a strong play for the household appliances market with “smart” connected appliances.

For comparison with the GE Jgs750Sefss, I selected the Samsung NX58H9500SS, a slide-in gas range with convection and five burners quite similar to the range I personally own. The Samsung NX58H9500SS debuted in July 2014, which was only shortly after the August 2013 launch of the GE Jgs750Sefss. As such, using this particular Samsung unit in this GE Jgs750Sefss review may make for a more apt comparison.

Core features

First of all, Samsung’s NX58H9500SS exhibits an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach to a mid-tier range, almost as if the company has something to prove. From the warming drawer, the built-in meat temperature probe, and included attachments like the cast iron wok grate and the reversible cast iron griddle, there are loads of extras included with this Samsung unit. And, yes, these are all either included or working right out of in the box. So even before we even get to the basics, these kinds of bonus features indicate a very feature-rich cooking experience.

Though the difference is nominal, it’s worth noting that the oven of the Samsung unit is slightly bigger than that on the GE Jgs750Sefss at 5.8 and 5.6 cu. ft., respectively.

Special features

Furthermore, the Samsung NX58H9500SS offers “True Convection,” which is Samsung’s own proprietary form of convection with heated fans that circulate air from the sides, top, and bottom toward the center. The result is more consistent, even, and faster cooking, which I can confirm works on a similar model.

From the industrial-esque hardware to the blue lights that illuminate the burner controls, this Samsung model has a decidedly contemporary look and feel. Those who value aesthetics might consider the Samsung NX58H9500SS more attractive than the GE Jgs750Sefss, though this obviously depends on personal taste.


Per Samsung’s website, the NX58H9500SS costs $1,500 to $1,600, a substantial discount from its original MSRP. At this discounted price, the Samsung NX58H9500SS costs only slightly less than a new GE Jgs750Sefss. That makes the Samsung NX58H9500SS a better buy. However, if refurbished or open-box GE units are an option, or if the Samsung unit returns to its full MSRP, the GE is the better purchase.

Pros and Cons

Try as we might, it’s doubtful that we’ll ever find a range or another appliance that is perfect. Choosing the right range is about balancing pros with its cons. Ultimately, you’re looking for the model that excels at tasks that are important to you.

Though buyers often rave about the GE Jgs750Sefss, the range isn’t without its flaws.

This GE Jgs750Sefss review portrays a range that lacks recent software features because of the unit’s age. Sure, the GE Jgs750Sefss checks the essential boxes and even throws in some extras like convection and the bonus fifth burner. For many people, that’s more than enough. However, with newer and more advanced ranges to choose from, the GE Jgs750Sefss isn’t as compelling for the price.


  • Versatile yet modern design
  • Range of burner sizes and heat levels
  • Six-level adjustable rack
  • Multiple broil and convection modes
  • Sabbath mode
  • Remote start and preheat (connected device required)


  • Lacks some of the competitors’ advanced software features
  • Older model (from 2013)
  • Price is slightly high for a 2013 model

A Solid Mid-Tier Range at a High-Tier Price

In 2018, there are some truly great ranges available at your local retailer or online. Choosing the right range from the crowd comes down to two main factors: your budget and your needs.

Throughout this GE Jgs750Sefss review, the GE range comes across as a solid performer. Reviews average to 3.9 stars out of five with other retailers having even higher averages, indicating positive impressions and experiences.

However, the GE Jgs750Sefss hit the sales floors in August 2013; this is a problem as it’s not hard to find similarly-priced ranges with more features than the GE Jgs750Sefss. For this reason, it’s difficult to recommend this GE range over others.


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