LG LDE4415 Review: Is it the Best Convection Oven Available Today?


One of the main questions I was contemplating when buying a new oven was: “What is a convection oven?” I know it utilizes fans to circulate heat throughout the oven. But, apart from that, I didn’t know much else about these ovens. It was here where my search for a convection cooking came to life. The LG LDE4415ST is just one of the many convection ovens available in a highly competitive marketplace. And our household considered this model when comparing the best convection ovens today.

I must admit I’m no five-star chef. I can whip up a decent dish using simple ingredients but don’t ask me to do much more. With this in mind, I did decide to invest in a convection oven. Even though I don’t use a majority of the features, it’s nice to know they’re there. And it’s higher energy efficiency rating than traditional ovens saves us some money on electric bills each month. Add in the elegant design and this oven brings the kitchen together.

If you’re like me and want an efficient and “fancy” looking oven invest in a convection oven. Or if you’re a half-decent chef who enjoys meal preparation, you can’t go wrong with convection either. Regardless of which extreme you fall into it’s essential to know what to look for when buying a convection oven. So stick around to find out which convection oven might be the best fit for your household.

The LG LDE4415 Convection Range

LG is one of many companies that manufactures convection ovens. Several traits are setting the LG LDE4415 apart from other LG and competitors products.


Depending on the specifications consumers are looking for when buying a convection oven, some models are superior to others. The LG LDE4415 has a 7.3 cubic foot capacity. The freestanding range has a stainless steel finish. So it blends in well with kitchen appliances. Some additional details about this range include:

  • It’s 30 inches wide X 29 inches deep X 47.3 inches high
  • The convection oven features an upper and lower cavity for preparing dishes
  • An electric touch-sensitive control panel with a vacuum fluorescent (VFD) display
  • Rear panel control operation
  • Four ceramic cooktops and one warming zone

The cooktop surface utilizes ceramic radiant heating. The oven power is 2400 watts, and the grill is 3000 watts. The cooking programs include pizza, warming, bake, broil, and delay bake. There’s an oven light for the top and bottom convection cavity openings as well. Additionally, the second cooking oven has a conversion, convection roast, and speed roast settings also.


Several characteristics differentiate the LG LDE4415 from other convection ovens. First, it features the LG EasyClean® self-cleaning option. The one-touch control sets the cleaning into action and the oven’s automatically clean in about 10 minutes. Furthermore, the LG ProBake Convection® delivers even baking results on all oven racks. No preheating is necessary either with LG’s Infrared Heating™ system. It heats the oven, up to 22 percent faster than traditional ovens.


The SmoothTouch™ Glass Touch has an elegant finish looks good and is easy to wipe clean. Burn spills won’t stain the cooktop. There’s a 12-hour auto safety lockout feature on the convection oven doors. There are two rack positions in each cavity opening and a hot surface indicator light. These safety features help prevent burns and injuries in the kitchen. Owners can set temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The oven comes with two standard and one gliding rack. Furthermore, it includes a one-year part and labor warranty with purchase.

LG LDE4415ST range: It’s best and worse characteristics

Obviously, there are some benefits and drawbacks consumers must focus on when comparing the LG LDE4415 with other ovens. Some traits are more important than others. So it’s important to weigh the pros and cons in your purchase decision when comparing others.

Some of the benefits include:


  • The double oven design is roomy allowing owners to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously
  • Convection heating fans circulate heat quickly for even cooking throughout
  • An easy touch-panel operation makes it easy to adjust settings on the oven
  • It features various cook modes/settings
  • Reduce meal preparation time with a dual-capacity design

Consumers also have to familiarize themselves with the drawbacks before investing in this oven. Some of the major cons that consumers indicate include:

  • Temperature controls aren’t precise/accurate
  • Dependability concerns because of inconsistent temperature readings
  • It’s difficult to clean
  • Heating takes longer than the manufacturer claims
  • The high price tag

How much will the LG LDE4415 cost you?

The oven is available on LG’s website and other third-party websites also. Comparing prices before purchasing is the best way to find the best deals. The cost is $1,500 to $2,000.

Comparing the LG LDE4415 and Other Ovens

Although the LG convection oven is a great product, it isn’t the only option available in convection cooking and baking. We compared it against several top manufacturers and models to help consumers find the best one. First, we focused on convection heating and temperature distribution. Additionally, we considered optional features each oven offers owners to improve cooking enjoyment.

We discussed which ovens reduce meal preparation/cook times and usability of each product. Brand recognition, reliability, and warranties were also areas of focus in our review. Last we include the prices and average ratings of each convection oven. Utilizing the information consumers can make an informed decision when choosing a new convection oven.

LDE4415 vs. the Competition: The Best Convection Ovens Available

Just because LG is a well-known brand doesn’t automatically make it the best convection oven available. Other well-known manufacturers produce excellent convection ovens as well. These are a few of the leading competitors in a similar class/level as the LG LDE4415 oven.

Samsung 5.9 Cu. Ft. Electric Range with True Convection

The 5.9 cubic foot electric range by Samsung is a free-standing range with self-cleaning capabilities. The black stainless steel finish is scratch and fingerprint resistant. The ceramic cooktop is also easy to clean and doesn’t stain like other material finishes. It has a five-burner cooktop allowing owners to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. There’s a triple burner function as well. It will enable users to adjust from boil to true simmer in seconds.

The cleaning method is steam, self-cleaning system. The True Convection fans circulate heat throughout the oven evenly. So dishes cook evenly. And there are no issues with baking or broiling dishes to the perfect temperatures. The 5.9 cubic foot capacity is a little smaller than the LG 7.3 cubic foot size. The oven has a digital display and a childproof lock. The stove has a Sabbath mode setting and variable broil as well. There are two racks and owners can choose from seven adjustment levels.

In one review the customer indicates the oven distributes heat evenly and cooks meals quickly. The elegant finish is stain and fingerprint resistant also. On the other hand, another reviewer states heating and temperature settings aren’t correct. They note that when using a handheld thermometer, the oven was 100 degrees Fahrenheit below the actual temperature.

This convection oven costs $500 to $700. With 4.5 out of 5.0 stars at Best Buy, customers highly recommend this oven.

KitchenAid KFED500E

The freestanding double convection oven features an elegant stainless steel finish. A 6.7 cubic foot capacity is large enough to fit multiple dishes in each oven cavity. There are five heating elements. They include a triple burner as well, reducing the amount of time necessary to prepare meals. Only the top oven features convection cooking; the bottom oven utilizes electricity to operate.

The five heating elements operate on 2000 watts of energy. Additionally, the oven has a self-cleaning function for quick cleanup after use. The SatinGlide rack smoothly moves in and out of the oven and makes it easy to adjust rack positions. For the best results when using the convection oven owners can utilize the EasyConvect Conversion. It eliminates the guesswork in setting temperatures when using the convection heating fans. The oven has a digital display and Sabbath mode. It includes a five-year warranty on parts and one-year labor warranty also.

One reviewer is happy with the quality and elegance of this convection oven. They note how well it blends in with their other appliances and the efficiency of operation. Another reviewer says the oven isn’t accurate regarding temperature settings. They indicate the preheat function is inoperable and it takes a while for temperatures to reach the appropriate levels.

Consumers will pay $1,300 to $1,500 for this oven. The average rating is 4.6 out of 5.0 stars at Best Buy.

Whirlpool 6.0 Cu. Ft. Gas Double Oven Range with EZ-2-Lift™ Hinged Grates

The double gas oven features a convection range and sizeable 6.0 cubic foot capacity. The True Convection system means even heat distribution and even temperatures for any dish you’re preparing. A Frozen Bake technology in the Whirlpool oven eliminates the need to preheat the oven before cooking. A central oven burner also provides additional cooking space. Multiple burner tops allow owners to prepare several dishes simultaneously, reducing meal preparation times.


The freestanding double oven has five burners and an elegant stainless steel finish. EZ Lift grates make it easy to clean up spills after the range cools down. There’s also a self-clean function making it easy to clean the oven regularly without doing the heavy lifting. The electronic control panel is easy to operate. The stove has a Sabbath mode, preheat, bake, broil, and other settings as well.

In their review, one customer notes the elegant oven and Monochromatic stainless steel finish blends into space well. The large burner grates allow for preparing many dishes at once. And the convection heating evenly prepares all dishes they’re making in the oven. Another reviewer indicates the opposite. They state that the burner tops aren’t large enough for multiple pans. Even with five burners, they weren’t able to fit four pots on the burner top.

Ordering this convection oven will run $1,100 to $1,400. Its average rating is 4.5 out of 5.0 stars at Best Buy.

GE® 30″ Free-Standing Gas Double Oven Convection Range

The 6.8 cubic foot convection range has a double oven and operates on gas. The black stainless steel gives it a nice touch minimizing the appearance of scratches. It’s also fingerprint resistant, so the kids and dirty hands can’t stand up to this range. This range has an integrated nonstick skillet as well. It’s perfect for making sandwiches for lunch or preparing pancakes for breakfast on the weekends.

The cooktop is gray, and there are five burners allowing owners to prepare multiple dishes at once. The edge-to-edge design utilizes every inch of space with higher capacity for large pots and pans. The lower oven features convection heating. This element uses fans to circulate heat throughout the oven to ensure even cooking temperatures with every dish. A self-clean option keeps the oven looking like new regardless of how messy meal preparation is at home. The range features a specialty PowerBoil with up to 3100 watts of power. It’ll reduce the time necessary to boil water or heat dishes.

One customer claims the oven is excellent especially with the multiple features an edge-to-edge design. The elegant design and simple user features make the oven simple to operate. Even for beginners and novice chefs in the kitchen, it eliminates the guesswork. The only negative comment one reviewer notes is about the design and finishing work of the skillets. Their review states there were dents around the grills. These appear to be an issue that took place during production. Apart from that, they love the performance of the oven.

The MSRP of this oven is $1,700 to $2,000. It rates 4.8 out of 5.0 stars at Best Buy.

Is the LG LDE4415 Better than Other Convection Ranges?

Although there are some complaints, the LG LDE4415 is one of the best convection ovens available. For consumers who want a reliable brand and efficiency in the kitchen, it delivers. The quality and multiple features this oven offers are superior to those of competitor’s products. It doesn’t require preheating. And it is one of the few ovens which has convection heating in both the top and bottom cavities. Easy clean functions, multiple rack positions, and a stain-resistant finish are some of its distinguishing characteristics.

If you’re looking for an affordable and comparable model, the KitchenAid oven is a good choice. It has several cook modes and convection heating in the top rack. The SatinGlide rack makes it easy to put foods in and take them out of the oven. Features like a Sabbath mode and self-cleaning functions are excellent. This model also has multiple temperature settings and a quick-heat option. Furthermore, the triple-burner design reduces the time it takes to warm up meals. And multiple burners allows owners to make more than one dish simultaneously.


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