Review Of The Oven Model: Weg745H0Fs


We’re reviewing the Whirlpool Model WEG745H0FS slide-in gas range that’s perfectly designed to accommodate the needs of your kitchen in every way. Thanks to new technology from the manufacturer, you can forego pre-heating the oven for frozen dishes such as pizzas, pies, and everything in between. Enjoy true convection cooking that not only cooks food faster but evenly, too.

Clean up won’t bog you down, either. Special hinged grates allow for easy and quick cleaning. As you will soon see, Whirlpool designed a full-featured slide-in gas range loaded with innovative features that make cooking fun, knowing the results always come out perfect every time.  

What Is the Whirlpool WEG745H0FS?

The Whirlpool WEG745H0FS is a 5.8 cu. ft., 30″ wide gas slide-in range with built-in self-cleaning. Included is convection capability that cooks food evenly without burning and does so faster than by conventional methods.

Product Specs  

The Whirlpool WEG745H0FS gas range boasts new technology eliminating the need to pre-heat your oven using its trademarked feature, Frozen Bake technology, allowing you to place frozen servings like pizza (a favorite of many!), french fries, pies, and other foods directly into the oven. No more waiting precious minutes and wasting energy until the oven reaches its cooking temperature. 

The five burners present a landscape capable of taking on the most intensive cooking events with the patented SpeedHeat 17,000 BTU burner. No need to worry about uneven cooking, either. The elongated center burner ensures even temperatures on the cooktop if your needs include using longer cookware or griddles requiring more space. You’ll appreciate the cooking grates on the cooktop. They’re sturdy and designed for the most efficient cooking possible.  

Oven baking just got much easier with True Convection cooking from Whirlpool. The unit adjusts cooking time automatically in convection mode. Not only is the cooking time precisely set but food cooks evenly and quicker, too. Say goodbye to cakes with raw middles! If you haven’t tried convection cooking yet, once you do, you will never go back.    

With its standard width of 30 inches, the Whirlpool WEG745H0FS will fit into most openings designed for ranges. At a comfortable height of 36 inches, everything on top is within easy reach. This unit has a single oven with an overall depth of 29 inches to fit nicely within your existing space.

We all know how much effort it takes to clean up after cooking a meal. Whirlpool’s EZ-2-Lift hinged cast-iron grates raise up and allow access to the range’s cooktop, making cleanup a snap. The self-cleaning feature in the oven uses water and low heat to cut cleaning duties to a minimum so you can keep your oven looking and working as good as new.


The Whirlpool WEG745H0FS gas range falls into a price range of around $1600. The popularity of Whirlpool appliances suggests they’re available at most big-box retail stores in your area. Prices differ, so it’s always a good idea to check with your local retailer for exact pricing.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.    



Samsung 30″ Stainless Steel Slide-In Gas Range

Whirlpool WEG745H0FS

Price        $$

Ease of Use                               4.6 

The knobs sit on top, out of reach of young children while providing easy access for adults. The unit is sturdy and well-built, similar to units far more expensive. We found the grates sturdy and heavy duty and able to hold large pots full of water safely. The grates sit at the proper height above the burner to help minimize the chance of overheat or under heat conditions.

Capacity                                    4.8 

At 5.8 cubic feet of cooking space, there’s no shortage of room, even for Thanksgiving day fixings!

Design Quality                          5.0

The exterior is beautiful stainless steel with a flawless finish. Handles and knobs feel heavy and solid. The oven glass and door remind one they’re witnessing true quality and excellent workmanship. 

Warranty                                     5.0

The manufacturer warranty for this unit is one year for parts and labor, which represents a standard warranty for new appliances.


  • Solid construction
  • Beautiful exterior
  • Easy to use


  • Occasional issues with even heating
  • Misunderstanding of convection operation


This 30-inch wide GE dual oven boasts 6.6 cubic feet of total capacity. Not bad for one oven, but a little on the small side for two ovens. The upper oven capacity is 2.2 cubic feet and a relatively small 4.4 cubic feet in the lower oven and it offers convection cooking, which helps cook food faster with more uniformity of heat. Large meals in the oven might prove a challenge, but it’s a versatile range with dual capabilities including convection.

The glass cooktop is great looking and has four burners with a center warming zone, bringing the total to five.

Price (Approximate only)           $$

The average price of the GE JB860EJES is approximately $1300 with, good availability of this model. Larger appliance outlets and retailers stock this unit. 

Ease of Use                                 4.7

We found the range responded well to commands and heated to temperature quickly. Controls make sense and are easy to learn. The oven doors are sturdy and feel solid. Dual ovens with one as a convection oven help solve cooking quandaries about timing the cooking time of food. The controls are mounted on the upper console and out of the way of curious children. The digital clock and display make it user-friendly and easy to read.  

Capacity                                       4.5

The oven capacity totals 6.6 cubic feet of cooking space divided between two ovens. The upper is 2.2 cubic feet, and the lower is 4.4 cubic feet as mentioned earlier. The capacity in either oven suffices for average size meals and dishes, but a large turkey might pose a space problem.  

Design Quality                              4.0

While the design of the GE JB860EJES looks great, some potential issues were noticed with the cooktop. Overall, the range seems well-built and the drawer works fine.

Warranty                                        5.0

As expected and per standards, GE warrants their ranges for one year, covering parts and labor.


Convenience of two ovens
Even cooking with convection
Great looking


Difficulty cleaning cooktop
Priced too high
Child lockout feature faulty


This LG gas range offers the largest capacity double oven available with 6.9 cubic feet shared between the double ovens. Ovens this size accommodate large meals for large families or a house full of guests. With its ability to cook different dishes with varying temperatures simultaneously, this range makes large meals quickly and on time.

The unit has sealed gas burners including a 17,000 BTU SuperBoil burner. This oven would not be complete without convection bake and roast convection options. Several other cooking options make this a pro-style oven as the price suggests. The look is clean with a professional appearance. Glass touch controls make the unit seem exquisite and classy. As high quality as the oven appears, it has its issues.

Complaints about the oven racks jamming concerns people. The price of the oven steers many to less expensive alternatives with similar options. We noticed in control lockout mode, if someone turns the burner knobs on, gas still flows. This is an unusual occurrence as other units from other manufacturers turn the gas off when the child lock function is activated, preventing the entire unit from operating, including the gas burners.

Another issue of concern is the burner knobs are easily turned on without gas ignition, allowing raw gas to flow into the room. It appears the electronic spark igniter operates in one position on the knob dial, and if the knob is turned beyond that point, gas flows unabated. If a knob is accidentally bumped or a pet bumps the knob, gas flows from the burner.

If the oven door is opened while food is simmering on the cooktop, the draft caused by opening the door extinguishes the flame, and raw gas still flows through the burner. This unit is not equipped with a function called regeneration which immediately attempts to re-ignite a burner in the event the flame goes out.

Price (Approximate only)              $$$

Pricing for the LG LDG4311ST is over $3,000 and is an expensive oven. Future availability of this oven cannot be established. It is possible the unit is discontinued.  

Ease of Use                                     4.4

The controls make sense and respond as expected. The double oven with convection works well, but there is a slight learning curve with the different cooking options available. The large capacity makes up for other deficiencies for most people. Most people buy this oven for its ability to cook more than one meal at once and at different temperatures.  

Capacity                                          5.0

The capacity of this oven is the largest available, and the 6.9 cubic feet of cooking space shared between two ovens make this a truly versatile oven.  

Design Quality                                4.5

While the appearance of this unit is stunning with its stainless steel exterior and blue interior with sliding racks, some complaints about poor rack design and paint coming off of the knobs and on the control exist. Overall, the unit is an impressive looking cooking appliance. 

Warranty                                          5.0

Per industry standard, a full one-year parts and labor warranty applies to this unit.


Double oven
Largest capacity available
Great looking


Very hard to clean
Uneven convection cooking
Lettering and paint wears off

Samsung 30″ Stainless Steel Slide-In Gas Range

This slide-in gas range from Samsung features a generous 5.8 cubic foot oven cooking capacity with convection. Convection distributes heated air evenly throughout the oven cavity, creating an even heating environment for cooking. This unit lacks different cooking options such as roast convection but offers a removable cast iron griddle and five cooktop burners.

Also, a roomy bottom drawer provides ample storage space for your pots and pans. On the cooktop, you’ll see grate indicator marks on each burner to help you place pots and pans in the correct position to facilitate even heating. With a self-cleaning function, cleanup of the oven is a cinch with minimal hand wiping required.  

Price (Approximate only)                 $

The Samsung slide-in gas range prices out in the $800 range and is available at many big box retailers, appliance dealers, and appliance outlets. 

Ease of Use                                       4.7

Functions work well on this unit and learning how to use them is a breeze. The oven cooks well, and the convection works as expected.  

Capacity                                             4.8

At 5.8 cubic feet of space, most meals can be cooked in the oven without crowding and uneven heating issues. 

Design Quality                                   4.0

This range looks great but has a tendency to lose its markings on the knobs over a relatively short time. Also, complaints about difficulty keeping temperatures stable concern potential buyers.

Warranty                                             5.0

Samsung guarantees their gas slide-in ranges for one full year of parts and labor. 


Great looking
Ample storage in the bottom drawer
Griddle on cooktop


Uneven convection cooking
Unreliable oven temperature regulation
Markings and indicators wear off easily


The Whirlpool WEG745H0FS slide-in gas range is an exemplary cooking appliance that is moderately priced with features typically found in more expensive units. Whirlpool Frozen Bake technology is an amazing bit of tech for cooking that allows one to place frozen delectables directly into the oven without the need to pre-heat.

This means your favorite frozen food dishes finish cooking sooner and there’s no worry about cold spots, thanks to this new feature. Another exceptional idea added to this range is the elongated or oval center burner allowing the use of larger cookware on the cooktop to ensure even heating. The EZ-2-Lift hinged cast-iron grates on the cooktop represent thoughtful design to help homeowners keep their range-top clean the easiest way possible.

Whirlpool’s True Convection cooking is an improved version of earlier ranges with this feature. The main control of the range precisely sets the time for convection cooking, resulting in perfect results every time. With the useful designs and modern cooking technology added to this remarkable gas range, we proudly award the Whirlpool WEG745H0FS slide-in gas range with a full five-star rating.      


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