Review Of The Oven Model: NE58H9970WS

The technology of induction cooking has become increasingly popular recently. Induction cooking uses magnets to generate heat directly in your cookware rather than from your cooktop. This creates more accuracy and faster control of desired cooking temperatures. Many induction cooktops are available on the market, and in this article we will review the features of one of the most popular — the Samsung ne58h9970ws — to see how it stacks up against three competitors.

What Is the NE58H9970WS Oven?

The ne58h9970ws is a model of induction range manufactured by the Samsung company, a Korean-based business that has been in operation since the 1930s. Samsung has been a leader in induction cooking innovation, and the ne58h9970ws is no exception.

When using induction cooking, the cooktop uses magnetic forces to excite the molecules in your cookware itself. That means the pan (instead of the cooktop) cooks the food. This means you can bring a boil down to a simmer and vice versa much faster than other cooktop options, and it is much safer.

An induction cooktop provides a more precise control and speed of the temperatures you desire. It’s also safer because no heat is being directly generated on the cooktop. If you move a pan, the cooktop will be cool to the touch with your bare hand, while it would burn if you touched a standard electric or gas cooktop which holds residual heat for quite a while after cooking. The easier-to-clean induction cooktop is safer because it only activates when it senses metal, so you don’t have to worry much about accidental burns.

Virtual Flame

This range also features Samsung’s “Virtual Flame” system  — distinctive blue LED lights that reflect against cookware to imitate the appearance of gas flames and to provide a visual reminder that the cooktop is in use.

Aside from its innovative induction cooking surface, the ne58h9970ws features a dual-fan, twin-zone convection oven that Samsung named “Flex Duo” technology. The range also includes a touchscreen interface and front-mounted knobs.


The most impressive features of the ne58h9970ws is that Flex Duo technology convection oven. The technology allows the user to slide in a special divider that effectively splits the oven cavity into two separate baking zones. The partition slips into the fifth oven rack position from the bottom. The oven will automatically detect when you insert the partition and enable you to choose distinct cooking modes, including separate temperatures for both the upper and lower cavities.

The Samsung ne58h9970ws is pleasing aesthetically with an abundance of sleek lines, sharp angles, a stylish stainless-steel exterior and a black, ceramic cooktop. This range certainly would be an upgrade over almost any range it replaces and undoubtedly would increase the visual appeal of almost any kitchen.

Another feature that enhances this appliance’s visual appeal and functionality is a large, touchscreen panel that Samsung named “Guiding Light Controls.” This panel is a futuristic-looking, glossy-black rectangle on the oven’s front face. It is designed to only display options related to what is cooking.

Product Specs

The Samsung ne589970ws features a 31-inch ceramic induction cooktop with four cooking positions we will refer to by the traditional term of “burners.” One “burner” is 11 inches in diameter, two are 7 inches and one is 6 inches. All are rated between 1,800 and 2,300 watts of power.
The oven features a dual-oven divider and two convection fans. The bake element is hidden and is rated at 3,000 watts while the element used for broiling is rated at a powerful 3,800 watts. The dimensions of the range are: 29 13/16″ wide, 26 5/16″ deep, and 37 1/8″ tall. Overall, this Samsun unit’s weight is 231 pounds.


The Samsung ne58h9970ws costs approximately $3,000, which we admit is fairly high-priced for a home range. However, when you consider all the top-end features this appliance delivers, then the price tag certainly makes sense. Think of it like this: This range is similar to a luxury automobile in that its price may be too high for some people, but it may be seen as a worthy investment by some others who can and are willing to pay for such a top-of-the-line product.

How It Compares

We picked a few products similar to the Samsun ne58h9970ws on the market to see how they all compare.

Electrolux EW30IS65JS
Frigidaire FGIF3061NF
Bosch HIIP054U Benchmark

Samsung Chef NE58H9970W – Electric

Price     $$$

The price tag of around $3,000 will be enough for some to stop reading here, but the Samsung Chef NE58H9970W  is a high-end product and is manufactured and marketed in that manner.

Ease of Use     ***** (5/5 stars)

Samsung’s induction cooktop is simple to use, just like any other freestanding range. The dual oven feature makes baking much more efficient, and the user interface is user-friendly and loaded with innovative features.

Performance     ***** (5/5 stars)

This Samsung cooktop truly has set itself apart from the competition in this category. The induction cooktop provides precise temperature control and the dual oven with convection heating provides for even heating for baked, roasted, and broiled dishes — even two different temperatures for dishes cooking at the same time.

Design Quality     ***** (5/5 stars)

Samsung Chef NE58H9970W  earns the highest marks for design. It is made of high-quality materials and its design is sleek and visually appealing. Everything about this unit is top-end.

Warranty     **** (4/5 stars)

Samsung provides a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, plus a 5-year warranty on the cooktop.


  • Top-of-the-line features
  • Visually appealing design
  • Induction cooktop and dual convection oven


  • Cost is moderately expensive when compared to others
  • Some users have complained about Samsung customer service

Where to Buy

Electrolux EW30IS65J – Induction

The Electrolux ew30is65js features a 30-inch induction cooktop which offers the industry’s best performance in boiling and simmering. (It can bring 6 cups of water to a boil in 2 minutes)

The ew30is65js features a Wave-Touch user control panel designed to hide all the control options unless the user selects otherwise. For example, selecting the broil setting would deactivate and hide any options associated with baking.

The Electrolux’s Wave-Touch panel is a welcome addition and makes managing all the features and settings easier. Several additional features include:

  • Seven standard cooking modes
  • Several custom modes, like “Perfect Turkey”, “Defrost” and “Bread Proof”

Overall, this unit is a high-end range with several features one would expect for the price.

Price     $$$

The ew30is65js is priced at around $3,700.  This is a relatively high price tag, but not entirely surprising given the features and technology this range offers.

Ease of Use     ***** (5/5 stars)

This range is easy to use with a user-friendly interface and induction cooktop. The oven offers convection cooking and several unique features that really make it stand out.

Performance     ***** (5/5 stars)

Electrolux ranges are known for their high performance, and this model is no exception. The cooktop features lightning-fast boil times and precise temperature control. The oven is loaded with settings and features, all of which perform very well.

Design Quality     ***** (5/5 stars)

This range is designed extremely well and manufactured with high-quality materials. The user interface is one of the best in this price range and its stylish look won’t disappoint.

Warranty     **** (4/5 stars)

Electrolux backs this product with a 1-year limited warranty, and the cooktop is covered by a 5-year warranty.


  • Stylish design
  • High-end interface
  • Extremely fast boil times


  • Expensive (highest on this list)
  • No knobs to control heat on cooktop

Where to Buy

Frigidaire Gallery Range

The Frigidaire Gallery Range is a freestanding induction range manufactured by the Frigidaire company. The fgif3061nf unit features a 30-inch induction cooktop. The oven contains one convection fan for faster and more even multi-rack baking.

Frigidaire’s “Effortless Temperature Probe” allows you to set the desired finished temperature and gives you an alert when the desired temperature has been reached. As if that weren’t enough, once the desired temperature has been reached, the oven then switches to a temperature-maintaining function.

The user interface features easy-to-use, one-touch controls that allow you to select several cooking options, such as: pizza, bake and broil. Oh, and not to be discounted is the range’s self-cleaning feature, which allows you to clean your oven automatically within two hours. Also helping to keep your cooking space clean, the unit has an exterior that is smudge-proof, stainless-steel and fingerprint-resistant. It makes cleaning up easy!

Price     $

The fgif3061nf is priced at approximately $1,000. This price makes this a good value when you consider that you’re getting induction cooktop and convection oven technology in a range that’s a fraction of the cost of high-end units.

Ease of Use     ***** (5/5 stars)

This range is easy to use like most Frigidaire products. The user interface is easy-to-read and temperature control is very precise on this model. Cleaning is easy with the oven’s self-cleaning feature and ceramic cooktop.

Performance     **** (4/5 stars)

The fgif3061nf features quick boil times, while the oven also performs well even with multi-rack baking due to its convection heating.

Design Quality     **** (4/5 stars)

This is a well-designed range with several basic features. The induction cooktop and convection oven help make this range stand out from other freestanding ranges in this same price range.

Warranty     *** (3/5 stars)

The fgif3061nf comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Induction cooktop
  • Convection oven
  • Features perform well
  • Self-cleaning is a high point


  • Lacks high-end features
  • Baking element is not hidden
  • Cooktop temperature control knobs are made of flimsy plastic

Where to Buy

Bosch 800 HEI805

The Bosch 800 HEI805 is a 30-inch slide -in range featuring an induction cooktop and a convection oven. The cooktop features power boosts on all four cooking positions, along with easy-to-use digital controls. The oven features a 4.6-cubic-foot capacity, single convection fan, self-cleaning mode, separate warming drawer, full-extension telescopic rack and a built-in meat probe.

The Bosch 800 HEI805 is a slide-in, which means it is meant to fit in a space between countertops. This unit will fit any standard 30-inch space. However, it does not have finished sides and the controls are located on the front instead of the back, which is typical of most freestanding ranges. The cooktop on most slide-in models is made to overlap the cabinet space slightly for a customized look. Otherwise, freestanding ranges and slide-in ranges are interchangeable as one can be replaced with the other.

Price     $$$

This Bosch model comes at a hefty expense of around $3,100, but that really is not much of a surprise considering its features.

Ease of Use     ***** (5/5 stars)

This model is extremely easy to use with its intuitive user interface, precise temperature control and built-in meat probe make cooking easier.

Performance     ***** (5/5 stars)

The cooktop and the oven get high marks in performance. The cooktop boasts fast boil times and precise temperature control. The heating elements on the cooktop feature power boosts for faster initial heating and a whopping 17 settings for precise temperature control. The oven features a separate warming drawer and powerful broiler element.

Design Quality     ***** (5/5 stars)

The Bosch hiipo54u Benchmark is a high-end range with many of the features and quality construction you would expect from a range in this price range. The user interface is well-designed and easy to use. Its sleek, attractive design surely will be an upgrade over any range it replaces.

Warranty     *** (3/5 stars)

A 1-year limited warranty is included with this product.


  • Sleek design
  • Precise temperature control
  • Separate warming drawer


  • Oven is rather small
  • Expensive compared to alternatives
  • Broiler pan is not included

Where to Buy

Appliance Connection, Inc.



The Samsung ne58h9970ws is a top-of-the line induction range that offers industry-best functionality and outstanding performance. The ne58h9970ws has several innovative features including a dual convection oven, power cooktop heating elements, large 31-inch ceramic cooktop surface, and touch screen user interface. The oven features the innovative Flex Duo technology, allowing cooks to divide the oven into two separate cooking compartments each with its own different temperature control.

Most importantly, this range is an induction cooktop and will appeal to consumers looking for the newest in innovative cooking technology. Because induction cooking uses magnetic forces to excite the particles in cookware, rather than an electric or gas burner, it is safer. Not only that, but it heats up much more quickly than traditional stovetops and you have more precise control over your temperatures. If you needed more to sell you, then there’s this: cleanup is a breeze because the cooktop cools quickly before spills have a change to cook and harden on the surface. Keep in mind that your cookware must be compatible with induction cooking. Overall, the Samsung ne58h9970ws is a high-quality range, and priced accordingly. You pay for the value that Samsung definitely delivers.

Overall rating ***** (5/5 stars)


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