Weg745H0FS: A Review of Products on its Specification!

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If you are in the market for a new gas range, that is a great choice, and you’re in luck because the selection available is broad. Gas ranges typically offer more features and options, and many are certainly more aesthetically pleasing in their designs than their electric counterparts. In this article, we will take a close, detailed look at the Whirlpool WEG745H0FS slide-in gas range. We will examine its overall design, specifications, performance features, and then compare this oven to some competitive products to see how it measures up.

One of the most important considerations when making an oven purchase is whether you will use the oven a lot. If you plan to use your oven to bake, broil, and roast frequently, then oven features should be high on your list of priorities. If you only occasionally use the oven, then the cooktop features and performance should be key considerations. Ultimately, however, with so many great range options on the market, you won’t have to sacrifice cooktop features and performance for oven features and performance, or vice versa.

What Is the Whirlpool WEG745H0FS Oven?

The Whirlpool WEG745H0FS is a slide-in gas range manufactured by Whirlpool. The cooktop features five burners with a large center burner that is rated at 8,000 BTUs. The two front burners are rated at 15,000 and 17,000 BTUs, and the rear burners are rated at 9,200 and 7,000 BTUs. The burners are cast iron covered in porcelain coated steel for a durable and stylish look. The grates are very heavy and solid, and they make moving cookware around on the cooktop easy.

This oven features a capacity of 5.8 cubic feet and seven rack positions for easy adjustments and multiple baking levels. Located at the rear of the oven cavity is a large convection fan that is used with the convection bake, broil, and roast settings. Convection heating offers several benefits over conventional baking, including more even heating and faster cook times overall.

Controls are mounted on the front of this Whirlpool range, just as they are with most slide-in ranges. The four main burners are controlled by four temperature knobs that are clearly marked and easy to adjust. The center control panel has a stylish recessed design with an LED display to control the oven, plus a small temperature knob for the center burner on the cooktop.

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The oven is controlled by a push-button panel configuration. Unfortunately, we found that for all that the Whirlpool WEG745H0FS brings to the table in terms of style and design, it is somewhat lacking in performance. The cooktop burners on the WEG745H0FS are slightly less powerful than those on many of its competitors, and as a result, boil times and cook times are slower than many other gas ranges. Also, bake and broil times can run somewhat longer than many other ranges on the market.

Overall, this is a very stylish range by Whirlpool that will complement almost any kitchen. However, the performance of the WEG745H0FS model range does not quite measure up to its looks.

Product Specs

The Whirlpool WEG745H0FS is a 30-inch, slide-in gas range. The cooktop features five burners with the following ratings: right front 15,000 BTUs; right rear 9,200 BTUs; left front 17,000 BTUs, and left rear 5,000 BTUs. The grates are cast iron, coated with porcelain covered steel. The cooktop controls and oven controls are located on the front of the range. Four temperature knobs control the cooktop burners while a recessed push-button panel controls the oven.

The oven control panel features a small LED display, and the fifth burner on the cooktop is controlled by a small knob located on the recessed panel. This Whirlpool oven has seven rack positions and a total capacity of 5.8 cubic feet. Also, this oven features a convection fan for baking, broiling, and roasting. The overall dimensions of the WEG745H0FS are 36 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 28.3 inches deep. The WEG745H0FS is wrapped in stainless steel and we liked the large viewing window.

Where to buy Whirlpool WEG745H0FS

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

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When selecting a range, important considerations include your needs in regard to oven functionality and the space you have available for the appliance. If you need a true dual-oven range, or you want extra-large capacity, some range choices will be eliminated. The next step should be deciding whether you want: (a) a free-standing range, which typically features rear-mounted controls and a more basic design; or (b) a slide-in model with front-mounted controls that will give your kitchen a more custom look.

No matter what your needs and exact budget are, there are plenty of options in this competitive marketplace. The Whirlpool WEG745H0FS is a slide-in gas range that offers outstanding oven capacity, a stylish look, and solid construction. Overall, if the style is most important to you, this Whirlpool range may be the right fit.


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