The Best 27-Inch Wall Oven : All You Need to Know

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If you want to make tastier meals faster and conveniently, consider buying a 27-inch wall oven. Whether you want to make breakfast for the kids, a snack for your better half, or warm your own food, there is always an option that lets you get the results you desire.

The 27-inch wall ovens come in a variety of designs, meaning you can be sure to find something that will compliment your kitchen decor.

These ovens allow you to cook multiple meals simultaneously, reduce the duration of time you spend on the process, and allow you to have peace of mind because almost everything is automated.

How We Reviewed

To choose the most ideal 27-inch ovens on the market, we considered the various functions each oven is capable of providing. The overall design and compatibility with most kitchen settings is another factor that plays a role. The pricing, safety measures, and we took ease of use into consideration.

27-Inch Wall Oven Brands Compared

General Electric GE JK5500SFSS

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This oven features stainless steel construction that keeps it durable and ensures it does not stain or rust.

The stove features a self-clean option that utilizes steam to get rid of grease and other debris that may build up. Glass touch controls allow you to adjust settings that include temperature and cooking options.

A halogen interior light makes it possible for you to have a look at the dish you are preparing without the need to open the door, possibly losing valuable heat.

Where to buy General Electric GE JK5500SFSS



  • This oven features two different compartments, allowing you to prepare various dishes simultaneously. Additionally, the unit is relatively easy to maintain, as you only have to wipe the outer part with a wet piece of cloth and turn on the self-clean option to have the inside cleaned.
  • Some consumers note that the interior coating on the racks comes off with frequent removal from the oven. That may cause rusting of the rack’s metallic parts.

Bosch HBN8451UC 800 27″ Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven – Convection

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This 27-inch wall oven features a stainless steel design with a plastic panel.

The stove offers 12 cooking modes, including third element convection, convection bake, convection broil, convection roast, conventional heat, half-width variable broil, pizza, top heating, and warming.

Where to buy Bosch HBN8451UC 800 27″ Stainless Steel Electric Single Wall Oven 



  • Self-cleaning options allow users to get rid of debris and grease quickly and conveniently.
  • thumbs-upDigital controls make it possible for individuals to adjust temperature, time limits, and cooking mode easily.
  • Some customers claim that the sound notification on this oven is relatively low and may not be audible in a noisy environment.

Frigidaire Gallery FGMC2765P

[amazon box=”B00HUM8SEG”]

This 27-inch wall oven features a stainless steel body and a smudge-proof stainless steel exterior door finish.

An interior light allows you to monitor progress as your dishes cook, while a control lock ensures that no one can tamper with your settings.

Express-select controls will enable you to adjust temperatures to a level you deem fit.

These controls also have preset temperature ranges for one-touch cooking.

An auto shutoff feature guarantees that the unit will automatically turn off after six hours.



  • This oven features a stainless steel exterior finish that protects it from rust and staining
  • thumbs-upTwo heavy duty racks give you the flexibility to prepare different meals simultaneously
  • Some individuals note that this oven seems to have fluids dripping when turned on

Linea 27″ Electric Single Wall Oven

[amazon box=”B017SUSGC8″]

The Linea 27-inch wall oven features a stainless steel body.

It has a bright display panel that allows users to monitor settings.

The oven offers 12 different cooking modes, giving you the flexibility to prepare different meals with the touch of a button.

A rotisserie kit enables users to make dishes such as large roasts, chicken and turkeys.



  • This oven features an automatic shut-off function that triggers when the door opens
  • thumbs-upElectronic temperature control makes it easy for you to determine the level of heat you desire for any meal you wish to prepare
  • A downside to this oven is that you can only clean it manual
  • thumbs-downThat means you may have to spend a few minutes getting dirt and debris out of the unit

Maytag MEW9527DS

[amazon box=”B008HAOWJ0″]

This Maytag 27-inch wall oven features a stainless steel body and a tempered glass door that allows users to monitor their food as it cooks.

The unit comes with an under counter installation design, which makes it possible for you to fit it under a cooktop or counter and maximize on kitchen space.

Its power preheat option ensures that you can cook 30 percent faster than when you use a traditional oven.



  • Touch controls and digital display panel enable users to adjust settings with relative ease
  • thumbs-up Heavy-duty roller racks make it convenient for you to easily access large meals and clean the interior parts of the unit
  • Individuals can only clean this oven manually, and that can be time-consuming and tedious

Bosch HBN5651UC 500

[amazon box=”B00J4EBDB8″]

This double oven features heavy metal stainless steel knobs that ensure it remains durable regardless of the frequency of use. 

Multiple racks allow users to bake well as heat distributes uniformly. 

Two oven lights in the upper cavity and two other lights in the lower cavity make it possible for users to monitor the progress of their dishes.



  • This 27-inch wall oven has a kitchen timer that ensures food does not overcook
  • thumbs-up Sound alerts notify users when food is ready
  • thumbs-upIt offers thermal cooking with bake, broil, roast, and warm in the lower cavity while the upper cavity provides 10 specialized cooking modes
  • Some consumers note that this oven takes a relatively long time to cool down after cooking

Frigidaire Gallery 27″ Single Electric Wall Oven

[amazon box=”B00HO6JLMG”]

This wall oven makes use of convection heating technology.

That means a third heating element and a single convection fan circulates hot hair throughout the unit, thereby achieving a faster, more evenly distributed baking pattern.

The steam cleaning option enables users to get rid of debris and dirt in less than 20 minutes.



  • A smudge-proof stainless steel body ensures that you do not have to worry about staining or dirt sticking on the unit
  • thumbs-upA sound alert lets users know when food is ready. The one-touch controls also conveniently simplify the process of cooking
  • thumbs-upIt offers thermal cooking with bake, broil, roast, and warm in the lower cavity while the upper cavity provides 10 specialized cooking modes
  • Some users report that the oven may be noisier than others on this list

General Electric PK7000DFBB

[amazon box=”B00CXJPC6S”]

This 27-inch wall oven features a black stainless steel body that keeps it sturdy and durable.

The unit has a glass touch LED control panel that lets users choose the settings they desire. 

Its self-clean option eliminates the need to manually remove dirt and debris while two interior halogen oven lights ensure you can monitor food as it cooks.



  • An audible preheat signal alerts you when the oven is ready for use
  • thumbs-upIt comes with four cooking modes that include convection bake, convection roast, thermal bake, and thermal broil.
  • Some users claim that the oven produces a lot of noise while in use

Thermador MED271JS Masterpiece

[amazon box=”B008BCXU7E”]

This Thermador 27-inch wall oven comes with 14 advanced cooking modes that give you the flexibility to prepare different dishes with the touch of a button. 

A blue full-text display allows you to view the settings you enter while six adjustable rack levels let you prepare different dishes simultaneously.

It has a stainless steel build and a large tempered glass window for easy monitoring of the food that is cooking.



  • Digital indicator makes it easy for you to understand the progress of your cooking
  • thumbs-upA powerful halogen light illuminates the interior of the oven
  • This oven is slightly more expensive than others on this list

How to Choose the Best 27-Inch Wall Oven

There is a variety of 27-inch ovens on the market for you to choose from. To get the most suitable product for you, consider issues such as size, safety, functions, cooking capacity, ease of use, and price. If these wall ovens didn’t suit your needs, you may be interested in other models.

Cooking capacity

The capacity of the 27-inch wall oven you pick determines the amount of food you can cook within a single session. The inner compartment of the oven should be spacious enough to accommodate the amount of food you wish to prepare. Going for an oven with separate chambers may be beneficial to people that want to cook different types of foods simultaneously. 

Functions of a 27-inch wall oven

The functions of the oven you pick should be another critical factor you take into consideration. Some ovens feature preset options that allow you to prepare different types of dishes with the touch of a button. Options such as bake, defrost, warm, and pizza are common.

Ease of use

The last thing you want is a 27-inch wall oven that features complicated controls and complex settings. Instead, go for an oven that has a simple user interface. The controls can be digital or analog depending on what you prefer. All the controls should be clearly labeled and positioned in an area that is easy for you to access. Ovens with default settings allow you to reset everything if you make any errors while trying to make adjustments.

Overall safety

The oven you pick should incorporate various aspects of safety. One of the things you need to consider is an automatic shut off capability. This option ensures that your oven can turn off by itself if the food ready. The automatic shutoff enables you to use energy efficiently and helps eliminate any possibility of a fire outbreak. Audio and light notifications are also other features that enhance safety.


Before you purchase any 27-inch wall oven, find out about the type of warranty it comes with. The best ovens have at least a one year warranty. However, ideally, the warranty should last for at least five years.

Materials used in construction

The materials that manufacturers use in construction can help you determine the best product. Stainless steel and tempered glass are some of the materials that make for a durable and easy-to-clean unit.

Cleaning of the unit

Keeping your oven clean can be one of the most challenging tasks. That is why you should go for units that feature easy-to-clean parts. Those with removable parts and non-stick interior coating are often better, as they offer simple cleaning solutions.

 The Best 27-Inch Wall Oven

The primary key to finding the ideal 27-inch wall oven is to consider your own needs. Choose a unit that offers the functions you are most likely to use. 

Another important consideration for you to make regards pricing. Pick a product that you can comfortably afford. 

The GE JK5500 27-Inch Double Electric Wall Oven is durable and sells at a relatively affordable rate. It offers multiple functions and has an easy to use interface. The other units on this list also have unique features that can be helpful to different families. 

Do you have any of the ovens on this list or a different 27-inch oven? What’s your experience? Let us know!

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